A Platform to Introduce Taiwan Culture

Home Hotel employs the spirit of MIT (Made in Taiwan) and the consideration of homelike comforts by selecting unique Taiwanese characteristic brands to promote Taiwanese tastes, scents and humanity. With the spirits of Taiwan, making Home Hotel not just a place merely for a stay, but a place for a feel of the local wonderful design and culture through the authentic experiences. Home Hotel Xinyi are located close to the traffic centers. The interpretation of Home Hotel Xinyi is Chinese culture. Being aleading brand in the local hotel industry, Home Hotel has partnered with more than 100 local brands.



Please take Taipei Nangang Line (Blue Line) and exit at Taipei City Hall Station. (Exit 3). ​Walk toward NEO19 direction, approximately 10 mins.
Please take Xinyi Line (Red Line) and exit at Xiangshan Station. (Exit 1). Walk toward NEO19 direction, approximately 5 mins.

Songshou Road Intersection / 20、284、66、611、621、651、669、912、935、939
Xinyi Administration Center (Songren Road) / 20、32、46、612、647、915、912、Brown 6、 Brown 7、BLUE 10

The bus (Line 1960) departs every 30 mins from 6:00 AM until 1:00 AM from airport to City Hall Bus Interchange. Travel Time: 60 - 70 minutes
Get off at Grand Hyatt Hotel stop, walk toward VieShow Cinema / NEO19 direction, approximately 10 mins. Home Hotel is located behind NEO19.