rén Bistronomy

rén Bistronomy is a restaurant that offers a diverse range of creative international cuisine. Our menu blends various cultures and flavors while prioritizing the quality of ingredients to provide our guests with the finest dining experience. Our restaurant philosophy revolves around three elements: “Creative,” “Flavor,” and “Fusion,” which are reflected in our menu, ambiance, and service.

Our bar is themed around whiskey and creative cocktails, offering classic cocktails and a variety of innovative mixed drinks. Guests can enjoy a fusion of whiskey, wine, creative dishes, and classic cocktails while indulging in modern music. We specialize in jazz and blues music, with professional live performances and DJ sets on weekends, enhancing the overall entertainment experience for our patrons.

Furthermore, we have a spacious and comfortable outdoor garden area that provides a delightful dining environment. We aim to offer our guests a unique dining and entertainment experience and become an integral part of the Xinyi District.

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sunday 10:00AM – 02:00AM
No.90, Songren Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei

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